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Elysium Island Festival, for the fourth time in a row, takes place on a magical sandy island on the Danube river in Sremski Karlovci, with the overall aim of providing collaboration, contact with nature and consciousness through five days of musical,educational, creative, healing and other programs. The festival wants to offer an unforgettable experience to people from all over the world and the possibility to learn, transform, discover ways of understanding Yourself and your multidimensionality.YOU are the link that connects heaven and earth and the reason for our mission- your energy and smiles are what keeps us going.This edition of Elysium is all about nature and its conservation- the idea is to point out the importance of preserving and protecting the enviroment - that's why the majority of the festival is hand-made, out of natural materials found on the island itself.Surrendering to nature means fulfilling our potentials as species - so, let's listen to nature, let's Dance with NATURE!

Elysium Island is a place where everyone will feel free - free to think, move, act, create... COME to enjoy the hammocks by the river, dance among the willow trees with the sound of your favorite music and hang out with the permanent residents of our island - frogs, swans, birds...You are ALL WELCOME to join the tribe and help develop mutual respect, sharing and connection between all forms of life- through music, art, dance.This way, we help achieve higher goals - the motto of Elysium Island Festival is: WE ARE ALL LIGHT AND WE ARE ALL LOVE!

About Elysium

Elysium Island Festival - Location

Open your eyes, your ears and mind and, with all your heart, step through the gates of this paradise island!

Koh Chang Island, Monkey Island, Serbian Thailand - all these are different local names for the same, magical sandbar located on the Danube river right across the city of Sremski Karlovci. With the first step on the island, you will witness the power of Mother Nature itself- fine sand, colorful shade of young willow trees, oasis of greenery, ducks, swans, friendly snakes and frogs, wild cane that restlessly springs from here and there from the Danube blight… This, and more, is what makes the Elysium Island so special. The festival offers a great meditative scenery, charming view on the natural wealth and the wide place for dancing, making art, rest, play volleyball and so much more.

Right across is the native city of the Elysium, located between the green slopes of National Park Fruska Gora and the blue Danube- Sremski Karlovci. This city, for the first time mentioned in 1308. as a Karom fortress, preserves the rich treasure of the Serbian culture and spirituality in its buildings of priceless historical value. For centuries it has been a place of culture, unification, oneness and peace. When you enter the city you will be welcomed by five bell towers, beautiful architecture and hills under vineyard, the oldest tree in the courtyard of the Karlovac Gymnasium, the first Serbian Gymnasium. You won’t remain indifferent when you feel the magnificence of this city, as well as the kindness and generosity of its people.

Olja Josimovic


If you are arriving by plane, you will land on the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. You have several options to get to the Main Train station or the Main Bus station of Belgrade, and then be on your way to Sremski Karlovci.

Local bus that will take you to the Main Train station in Belgrade. The bus departs right in front of the gate you will use to exit the airport. Bus number is 72. You can see the bus route HERE.

Taxi drive, will go along THIS ROUTE. Or rent-a-car but in that case go straight to the island, why go to Belgrade :) The route is THIS ONE.

Keep in mind that on the airport you can purchase Taxi Vouchers, according to THESE PRICES.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will be proposed to enter a “wild taxi drive” the moment you exit the gate after the customs :) Don’t do it!

After arriving at the main train station, purchase a ticket for Sremski Karlovci station (it is two stops before Novi Sad).

Same goes for the Bus station, if you are starting from the main Bus station in Belgrade. Purchase the ticket to Sremski Karlovci, and you are good to go.

Here is the link to map that will show you how to find festival from Sremski Karlovci train station: CLICK ME!

If  you have found your way to Novi Sad and you wish to go to the festival from there, you can take the city bus (GSP Novi Sad) from main bus station which is next to Novi Sad train station. Bus numbers are: 60, 61, 62. Take off in Sremski Karlovci.

If arriving by car from any point in the universe, the GPS coordinates to the parking area are the following : 45.206063, 19.939836.