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Inspired by the specific beauty of a sandy island on the Danube river near Sremski Karlovci, Snailydelic organization, together with friends started realization of a project called "Elysium Island". The idea of the project is to gather all fans and admirers of nature, psychedelic art and culture, with the overall aim of raising awareness and nature conservation. Full of enthusiasm, a group of young people through friendship and teamwork have progressed, to conjure up the beauty and freedom of "Elysium Island" to the visitors.Their smiling faces, mystical energy, as well as the vibrations from the dance floor created a very positive image of the first "Elysium Island" festival. Through the first encounter with fine sand, permeated the colorful shade of young willow forests, surrounded by water, gives the impression of tropical and exotic landscapes. The natural wealth of beach, from the center of the Danube river offers wide view of the sunrise and sunset, starry sky away from city lights are only few factors why the festival got the name "Elysium Island".