Elysium Island 2018
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Theater and Opening Ceremony

While the sun is setting we gather, each one of us with the breath of ancient Balkan rituals on the tip of our hand.

Vibration to sound, mind to movement - we shall spark up your soul and unite the tribe in a majestic bonding opening ceremony.

We bring you fire, we bring you dance, we bring you the essence that dripped into this single dot on the planet from all 4 sides of the world.

Gather with us! Contribute to the first spark that will ignite this captivating mind, body and soul experience.

For we will show you the symbol of birth, growth, liberation and peace.

Together let us unite the 4 elements in a sacred ritual, greet the mighty Danube, offer our thanks to the land and the water that keeps us sheltered, and unleash ourselves leaving nothing but pure and clean energy flow.