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Talia Macaira Artworks

I am a visual psychedelic and visionary artist, and I've been performing with my Live Painting project in Brazil (country of residence) since 2014. My art is a result of my psychedelic experiences and spiritual awakenings, and in my Live Painting performance I am able to share with the public my creative process, also being an art channel in the present moment and creating an original piece in a fluid way. 

Tália Maçaira Artworks Tália Maçaira Artworks Tália Maçaira Artworks

Myths of Creation - Visionary Art Union

Myths of Creation - Visionary Art Union is a project that brings together artists, promotes creativity and encourages visionary creativity. Be part of the Myth!!!

Our vision wants to be seen, to be heard, to be turned into reality, to get out of the field of ’’underground’’ and to become ’’mainstream’’.  Brutally honest, unsoiled with conventional influence, psychedelic, it tickled our minds for too long, and that is why we decided to set it free.  Our mission tends to gather, motivate, encourage and strengthen the creativity, originality and recognition of visual artists and their work with the promotion of culture, tolerance, oneness and love. Active participation and co-creation enables us overcoming our own reality, turning us into an aware participant in shaping global visionary art scene. We want to share experiences, to learn from each other, to advance our skills so we could remain consistent in cultivating alternative, psychedelic and abstract visual art. To leave a fingerprint of our subconsciousness.

We invite all of you who stand out, resist standards and patterns to join us, so we can create the Myth together!!!

Dusan Cavic Dusan Cavic Dusan Cavic Bojan Maksimovic Vesna Liebowitz Vesna Liebowitz Vesna Liebowitz Bojan Maksimović Dusan Cavic Vesna Leibowitz Art