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Open your eyes, your ears, your mind and, with all your heart, step through the gates of this paradise island! Koh Chang Island, Monkey Island, Serbian Thailand - all these are different local names for the same, magical sandbar located on the Danube river right across the city of Sremski Karlovci.

With your first step on the island, you will witness the power of Mother Nature itself - fine sand, colorful shade of young willow trees, oasis of greenery, ducks, swans, friendly snakes and frogs, wild cane that restlessly springs from here and there from the Danube blight... This, and more, is what makes the Elysium Island so special. The festival offers a great meditative scenery, charming view on the natural wealth and the wide place for dancing, making art, rest, and so much more. Right across is the native city of the Elysium, located between the green slopes of National Park Fruska Gora and the blue Danube - Sremski Karlovci. This city, for the first time mentioned in 1308. as a Karom fortress, preserves the rich treasure of the Serbian culture and spirituality in its architecture of priceless historical value. For centuries it has been a place of culture, unification, oneness and peace. When you enter the city you will be welcomed by five bell towers, beautiful architecture and hills under vineyards, the oldest tree in the courtyard of the Karlovac Gymnasium, the first Serbian Gymnasium.

You won’t remain indifferent when you feel the magnificence of this city, as well as the kindness and generosity of its people.


There are multiple ways of reaching Elysium Island Festival and the Koh Chang island.


If you chose to travel by car, you can simply assign Sremski Karlovci as your destination. To be specific, we would like you to arrive on the parking lot in front of the Danube Hotel in Sremski Karlovci. From there you ( with your camping equipment ) will be transported to the island with a boat.

Type the following Coordinates to your GPS ( double checked against Google Maps , keep in mind that other map softwares may not give you the exact same location )

COORDINATES: 45.206434, 19.939140


If you chose to travel by plane, your options are to land either in Belgrade or in Nis. Belgrade is very close to Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci so this is a recommended plane destination. From Belgrade/Nis you can grab a bus to Novi Sad, and then from there to Sremski Karlovci city.


When you arrive to Novi Sad you can take the city bus (GSP Novi Sad) from the main bus station which is next to Novi Sad train station. Bus numbers are: 60, 61, 62.


Unfortunately this year traveling to Sremski Karlovci via train is not possible, as the railroad around the city is currently under construction.

Once you arrive to the parking location, you will see signs that will escort you to the boat location.


- Camp will be opened on 16th of July.

- Visitors younger than 18 are not allowed to attend the festival area without parents or a legal guardian.

- Entrance for children up to 12 years is Free.

- Visitors without a festival bracelet will have to leave the festival area.

- You are coming to the festival at your own risk.

- It is forbidden to consume or have in your possession any illegal drugs.

- There is a First Aid tent on the festival ground.

- Elysium Island Festival is an area of high Wild Fire Hazard Potential. It is strictly forbidden to use open flame and/or campfires.

- Technical water is available on the festival area but it is not suitable for drinking.

- Drinking water will be sold at affordable prices, but you can bring your own.

- The food will be sold at the festival, but you can bring your own as well.

- There are designated shower areas at the festival.

- Please use only ECO FRIENDLY shower products to reduce pollution of the nature.

- A sufficient number of trash cans and garbage bags will be placed on the festival ground.

- Leave no trace !!!

- Keep the nature clean !!!


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