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Ray of Hope

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Ray of Hope, the first publication of the Elysium Island Festival was designed to cover all cultural events of the festival as a whole. The necessity for festival newspapers arose with the need for more cultural content at the festival itself. And we've prepared a lot of things, such as cinema, theater, gallery, workshops, yoga and hopefully so much more. Ray of Hope is really our beginning of hope that the events of psychedelic trance music in Serbia would take on features of a cultural event which you would attend, not only as a connoisseur of music, but also as an individual immersed into the psychedelic trance culture itself.

The newspaper will be distributed at the festival. In it you will be able to get information about the festival lineup, the schedule of movies in the cinema, the timetables of the theater performances and the workshops, without the pressure of a half-dead phone battery, listening to the Danube River waves with your feet in the sand. You will be able to find out more about our first festival steps as well and the tribe of people involved in the process, through interviews with deco teams, musicians and organizers. Perhaps you will also find your place in all of this.

Stay tuned!

"Ray of Hope" editorial.

Ray of Hope fanzine
"Ray of Hope" first edition
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Ray of Hope fanzine 2nd edtition
"Ray of Hope" second edition
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